HCaTS 8(a)

Contract number 47QREB21D0007
DUNS 07-919-7079

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HCaTS 8(a) is designed to assist Federal agencies in carrying out their roles in managing human capital according to the following principles:

1.  A Federal agency’s human capital management strategies, plans, and practices should integrate strategic plans, annual performance, plans and goals, and other relevant budget, finance and acquisition plans AND contain measurable and observable performance targets, AND communicate in an open and transparent manner to facilitate cross-agency collaboration to achieve mission objectives.

2.  A Federal agency’s talent management system should enable a Federal agency to plan for and manage current and future workforce needs, AND design, develop, and implement proven strategies and techniques and practices to attract, hire, develop, and retain talent, AND make meaningful progress toward closing knowledge, skill, and competency gaps in all occupations within the Federal agency.

3.  A Federal agency’s approach to performance management should include strategies and process to foster a culture of engagement and collaboration AND a diverse, results-oriented, high-performing workforce, AND a performance management system that differentiates levels of performance of staff, provides regular feedback, and links individual performance to organizational goals.

4.  A Federal agency’s use of evaluation should contribute to agency performance by monitoring and evaluating outcomes of its human capital management strategies, policies, programs and activities, checking both for merit system compliance and for success in identifying, implementing, and monitoring process improvements.

HCaTS 8(a) seeks to acquire multiple qualified Contractors to provide customized training and development services, customized human capital strategy services, and customized organizational performance improvement services to meet the Federal government’s workforce needs while conforming to the above stated principles, Federal-agency specific and OPM policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and other governing doctrines.  At the same time, Federal agencies will continue looking for ways to achieve their goals in as cost-efficient a manner as possible.  HCaTS 8(a) has been designed to meet such challenges.

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JST Capabilities

JST’s Training and Development provides full spectrum professional leadership development training, including professional staffing, administrative, and advisory and assistance services. Formed by veterans with extensive experience in both military and commercial technical Acquisitions, Training, Program Management and curriculum development support. Our core competency and experience is in leadership development, and program management in multi-agency environments. We leverage our unique knowledge and; technical expertise to deliver the best value-added solutions on time and on budget. JST has an active Top Secret Facility Clearance.

Contract and Modifications

JST Contract number 47QREB21D0007 for Pool 1: Customized training and development services